JCI Senator Dato Lawrence Chan Kum Peng

TOYM Honoree 1985, Advisor TOYM Project 2017, and JCIKLM Chapter

Message to JCI members and friends

Dear valued JCI members and friends,

A happy day to you!

As we know, JCIKLM chapter is given the honour to host and organise this year’s TOYM 2017 Project. This will be the 12th time, the chapter play host to this prestigious project to recognise, appreciate and pay tribute to outstanding young Malaysians who exemplify the best attributes of our country’s youth.

As in the previous TOYM Projects hosted and organised successfully by JCIKLM Chapter, we need the strong support again of all JCI Malaysia Chapters, friends, Associations and Organizations to recommend and nominate qualified candidates to apply for these TOYM Awards in the different ten categories, and to ensure this year’s TOYM 2017 a very successful national event.

For these nominees who are required to submit their achievements and contributions, their time and effort spent together and record their actual progress, and accomplishments made in the past, will definitely help them to know the milestones they have travelled along their journey of life. Then they are able to benchmark their track records with those in similar fields and to know where they actually stand, with the help of learned judges of renowned personalities from various backgrounds.

Unfortunately, many nominees will not be selected to become TOYM honorees for this year, but on their part, they must not be disheartened and discouraged. However, they should take this set-back as a challenge to be more determined, resilient and persistence to achieve better results in order to more qualified and eligible to be selected as TOYM honorees the following years. There are such cases whereby those who didn’t make it the first time achieved their TOYM Awards later during the subsequent years.

Like all past TOYM honorees, they have gone on to attain continuously greater achievements and serving humanity in vast variety of ways, and benefitting the Country and even the World.

As we are facing the ever-changing disruptive world, there is an urgent need and purpose for us to produce and recognize outstanding role models who can guide, motivate and inspire our young people from all over the Country. By encouraging and getting more nominees to apply for TOYM Awards, we will play our role to fulfill this noble purpose.

Together, we can make it happen!

God bless all of you!
Thank you