Message From The National President

Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi
2017 National President, JCI Malaysia

JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards will once again be hosted by JCI KL Mandarin after a break of 3 years. I am certain with 30 years’ experience hosting this national project, JCI KL Mandarin will be able to host a grand and memorable award ceremony. I look forward to working closely with the organizing team.

After years of being a JCI member and National Officer, it is my wish to see greater diversity of nominees and honorees in the 2017 JCI TOYM; so I urge all of you to encourage your outstanding friends, colleagues or other outstanding young Malaysians that you know to participate in this prestigious award.

Good luck and see you on stage!

Message From The National Deputy President

Andy Lau Eng Leong
2017 National Deputy President, JCI Malaysia

Firstly congratulations to JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin for successfully hosting 2017 TOYM. With the experience of hosting this prestigious project for more than 10 years, JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin will not only make this project a successful one, but will also manage to break their previous hosting records and deliver a high quality TOYM awards ceremony in 2017. Of course not to forget the 2017 TOYM Organising Chairperson Ernest Tan, for his hard work and commitment to this project; many sleepless and restless nights were put in to make this project a perfect one. On behalf of 2017 JCI Malaysia National Board, I proudly say that it is my honor to witness the progress of this project and I am sincerely proud to be a part of it.

Message From TOYM Organizing Chairperson

Ernest Tan
Organizing Chairperson, TOYM 2017

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI Malaysia) for giving an opportunity to Junior Chamber International Kuala Lumpur Mandarin (JCIKLM) to be the organizer for JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards.

This journey started from the day JCI Malaysia put trust in us and endorsed JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin to be TOYM 2017’s hosting chapter. In this short period of time, we have gone through a lot of experiences and also learned a lot of skills, including how to chair a meeting, raise funds for activities, public and media relations, marketing, and many others. I can assure you that JCI & TOYM definitely is the best platform for all young Malaysians to actively join to develop their strengths and talents.

Furthermore, I am extremely grateful to all the sponsors, advertisers, media partners, past presidents, advisors, ambassadors, JCI senators, National Board of Directors, and all members and friends who strongly support us and give us valuable assistance and advice to make this event progress smoothly. A special thanks goes to my dedicated committee who are willing to spend most of their time to complete their tasks on time.

Finally, I sincerely call for your support to continue participating in JCI movements. Together we serve the community.

Message From The Chapter President

Dato’ Wyn See
Chapter President, JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin

Since early 2017, the TOYM team’s unity, cooperation, and dedication has stood out. As president of JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin, I feel pleased and am proud of you all. I believe that in the coming days, under the leadership of Organizing Chairman Ernest Tan, we will continue to hear good news about you all.

Cheer for 2017’s TOYM team and all the best in the coming days!

Message From TOYM Publisher & Internet Marketing Chairperson

Lum Chee Hong (Jeff)
Publishing & Internet Marketing Chairperson, TOYM 2017

Dear Readers,

After a break of 3 years, once again JCI KL Mandarin is the chapter that hosts JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Awards. This is my first time getting involved in TOYM and I knew that with the leadership of Ernest Tan (Organizing Chairman), TOYM will definitely be one of the great events of 2017; as massive determination and actions are taken.

JCI Senator Alice Kam

JCI Senator Alice Kam

Advisor TOYM Project 2017

Message from Advisor

I would like to congratulate Junior Chamber International Kuala Lumpur Mandarin for accepting the challenge to host the Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI Malaysia) flagship program again in 2017, the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysia Awards (TOYM).

Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) program serves to formally recognize young people who between age 18 – 40 years old who excel in their chosen fields and exemplify the best attributes of the Malaysian’s young people.

Young men and women may be nominated and selects up to ten honorees in one of the ten categories by the honorary judges.

The Ten honorees of TOYM will then be submitted to world Junior Chamber International (JCI) to be judge by the International Judges at the Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards Ceremony at JCI World Congress.

Here, I would like to encourage more people from the public to participate by submitting your outstanding profile or submitting for your friends who are outstanding in their fields. This way will help to open up more opportunity for people to be recognized for their outstanding achievement, and their story of determination, discovery and ingenuity will help motivate and inspire young people to be better leaders and create better societies.

Thank You!

Yours in JCI,
Alice Kam

Dato Tony

Dato Tony

Advisor TOYM Project 2017

Message from Advisor

Dear valued JCI members and friends,

In the field of professional work, there are excellent young people who have made outstanding achievements and contributed to society, encouraged you to nominate yourself as a model for young people, and inspire and encourage young people to serve the community actively. It’s my honour to be appointed as JCI TOYM 2017 adviser. It is my great pleasure to have this privilege to provide guidance and advice to our young entrepreneurs.

As the purpose of the JCI Malaysia is to create interest in entrepreneurship among capable youth and encourage creativity, I strongly believe that JCI Malaysia is a platform that creates opportunity for young entrepreneurs to have a breakthrough in their undertaking and to create positive change.

Besides that, JCI is also a great platform to create more successful young, creative and innovative entrepreneurs who can give a positive impact to our country. Together with the highly ambitious entrepreneurs, I strongly believe that we can continue to inspire other young people to explore new opportunities and contribute our part to serve our nation and help to strengthen back the economy of our country.

Last but not least, I would like to express my highest appreciation to the President of JCI TOYM 2017, Dato Seri’ Wyn See, Organizing Chairman of today’s grand ceremony, Mr Ernest Tan and his dedicated committee members from JCI Malaysia for all of your contribution and effort to make the 2017 Malaysia Top Ten Outstanding Youth Award to be successful.

Dato’ Tony

JCI Senator Dato Lawrence Chan Kum Peng

JCI Senator Dato Lawrence Chan Kum Peng

TOYM Honoree 1985, Advisor TOYM Project 2017, and JCIKLM Chapter

Message from Advisor

Dear valued JCI members and friends,

A happy day to you!

As we know, JCIKLM chapter is given the honour to host and organise this year’s TOYM 2017 Project. This will be the 12th time, the chapter play host to this prestigious project to recognise, appreciate and pay tribute to outstanding young Malaysians who exemplify the best attributes of our country’s youth.

As in the previous TOYM Projects hosted and organised successfully by JCIKLM Chapter, we need the strong support again of all JCI Malaysia Chapters, friends, Associations and Organizations to recommend and nominate qualified candidates to apply for these TOYM Awards in the different ten categories, and to ensure this year’s TOYM 2017 a very successful national event.

For these nominees who are required to submit their achievements and contributions, their time and effort spent together and record their actual progress, and accomplishments made in the past, will definitely help them to know the milestones they have travelled along their journey of life. Then they are able to benchmark their track records with those in similar fields and to know where they actually stand, with the help of learned judges of renowned personalities from various backgrounds.

Unfortunately, many nominees will not be selected to become TOYM honorees for this year, but on their part, they must not be disheartened and discouraged. However, they should take this set-back as a challenge to be more determined, resilient and persistence to achieve better results in order to more qualified and eligible to be selected as TOYM honorees the following years. There are such cases whereby those who didn’t make it the first time achieved their TOYM Awards later during the subsequent years.

Like all past TOYM honorees, they have gone on to attain continuously greater achievements and serving humanity in vast variety of ways, and benefitting the Country and even the World.

As we are facing the ever-changing disruptive world, there is an urgent need and purpose for us to produce and recognize outstanding role models who can guide, motivate and inspire our young people from all over the Country. By encouraging and getting more nominees to apply for TOYM Awards, we will play our role to fulfill this noble purpose.

Together, we can make it happen!

God bless all of you!

Thank you



Dato' Choo Beng Kai

Dato' Choo Beng Kai

TOYM 2017 Ambassador

Ambassador Profile

Dato’ Choo Beng Kai graduated from Penang Chung Ling Private in year 1996. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dato’ Choo did not manage to complete his college studies as well as join the family business.

Determined to forge his own path, Dato’ Choo set-up his own property development company 2002. In 2008, Dato’ Choo’s company secured its involvement in the oil and gas industry in Australia, propelling him and the business forward rapidly.

Since last year, Dato’ Choo has devoted his resources to a technology start-up, as well as frequent investments in the e-Commerce space.

Ambassador Profile

Dato’ Leong Kin Mun, is the Managing Director of Primer Capital Sdn Bhd, a company with an extensive knowledge and experience in green finance solutions, real estate and private equity.

Dato’ Leong also serves as President of the Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC) since 2012, a national level industry association highly engaged with various government departments in Malaysia.

Dato’ Leong’s documentary has been profiled and featured by the Channel News Asia, in addition to the New Straits Times, The Star and Capital TV etc., and is instantly recognised via Google. His work has won him prestigious awards from the EU Commission, the Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC), the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Award as well as several awards in China.

Dato' Leong Kin Mun

Dato' Leong Kin Mun

TOYM 2017 Ambassador

IRS Software Sdn. Bhd.

IRS Software Sdn. Bhd. is a Point Of Sales software development company in Malaysia which has been established since 2002. The company has developed and delivered some of the most effective and easy-to-use solutions to customers from various sectors. IRS specialize in business IT solutions such as the Point Of Sales System and F&B system.

IRS Software has one of the most diversified customer bases due to its great features, effectiveness, easy-to-use yet cost effective software. As a professional software development company, IRS understands that quality assurances are vital to their software and services. IRS Software continues to develop and improve on software and services to ensure customer satisfaction and to gain customer long-term support and trust.

IRS Software Everywhere. IRS Software will be used at every corner of the Retail and F&B Industries Worldwide.

To Improve on Quality Service and Ensure System Development to Assist Customers in Running Their Business Effectively and Consistently.

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Tel: +6015-4840 7888, +603-8066 4988
Fax: +603-8066 7618

Sales Enquiry
Mobile: +6012- 444 9289

PE Group

Potential Excelerate Group Limited (PE Group) has ambitious plans to set up subsidiaries across Europe and in the major countries of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). It also believes in growing its investee companies. Via its new and innovative business model, PE Group has successfully helped existing businesses unleash their full potential by leveraging on their equity to create tremendous shareholders’ value.

As an investment consultancy firm offering advice on corporate finance, PE Group also specialises in mergers and acquisitions besides participating in joint ventures with other companies. It sees tremendous opportunities in private equity investment as a channel to raise funds from the corporate market. PE Group’s diversified investment in the investee companies are concentrated in information technology, information and communications technology (ICT), infrastructure development as well as retail and fashion brands.

In tandem with its tagline, ‘Steps Towards Sustainability’ PE Group believes in guiding its team and investee companies towards sustainable wealth creation. As such, it has initiated a unique global enterprise alliance that pools together expertise from different fields through resource integration and innovative business strategies. At the same time, PE Group strives to demonstrate its core values in its execution for both investors and the investee companies.

The PE Group’s mission is to work together with its partners, stakeholders and investors to achieve wealth sustainability together. This includes the SMEs that PE Group has invested in the private equity platform. Its vision is to establish itself as a leading investment holding and marketing distribution company in ASEAN. PE Group is committed to grow its investment portfolio with innovative products and financial knowledge services while maintaining its core values through transparent execution and maximising its investors’ return on investment.

Address: Unit 22-3A & 22-5, Oval Damansara Jalan Damansara T.T.D.I 60000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: +603-7733 4593
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SAC Group

Established in 2010, the SAC Group started from humble beginnings; aiming to develop affordable housing for the youth in the quaint town of Triang, Pahang. SAC was spurred on by its belief that everyone should be able to afford a home to call their own.

Today, under the stewardship of founder, Dato’ Wyn See, SAC continues to raise the bar in quality residential and commercial developments, delivering more than 500 residential and commercial units spanning over 10 projects. SAC has proven itself amongst buyers and partners for high quality development projects and ahead-of-schedule delivery, further distinguished by innovative design aesthetics at affordable prices.

The SAC Group also believe that service to humanity is a key aspect of life. The company launched several CSR efforts, chief among them being Impian S. The campaign was headed by its slogan: “Poverty Ends when Education Begins”. Impian S was launched in July 2016 with the objective of providing health services and scholarship programs for the underprivileged.

Address: No. 6 Tingkat 1, Jalan Bera Utama 3, Bera Utama, 28300, Triang, Pahang D. M. Malaysia
Tel: +609 250 9988

A Plus Boss

A Plus Boss helps entrepreneurs to sustain, accumulate and grow in both personal and monetary terms following a system used by the world’s richest people.

In collaboration with OCBC Bank & Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad, A Plus Boss Enterprise Group helps Malaysians to sustain, accumulate and grow in both personal and monetary terms by enriching them with a saving plan that is personally used by the richest individuals in the world.

A Plus Boss also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their business and create new connections. Members are able to diversify their business objectives by meeting up and network with other trusted entrepreneurs through A Plus Boss’ member events, business workshops and travelling excursions.

A2-29-1, Soho Suites KLCC, Wisma 20 Perak, No.20, Jalan Perak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-4162 9088

Ban Lee Hin Group

Ban Lee Hin began in 1974 as a steel fabrication firm with extensive capabilities and expertise in structural steel fabrication works. In 1997, in response to changing market conditions in Malaysia, the company embarked on civil engineering work, interior design & renovation works as a One-Stop Solution Provider with the formation of Ban Lee Hin Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd.

Ban Lee Hin’s strength in build and fabrication enables the firm to provide integrated engineering, construction services, structural steel works and so on. In recent times, the company is also diversifying into refurbishment projects and other services. Ban Lee Hin pursues a long-term policy (Zero Accident) of strict adherence to safety measures. This is evident from the many awards the company has won for safety on site.

As the Group evolves, it continues to dedicate itself wholeheartedly to the vision and mission of Engineering Beyond the Expectation.

Ban Lee Hin Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd
18, Jalan BS 7/12, Kawasan Perindustrian, Bukit Serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : +603 – 8943 2254, 8943 2258, 8943 2528
Fax : +603 – 89432512
Web :