Message From The National President

Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi
2017 National President, JCI Malaysia

JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award will once again be hosted by JCI KL Mandarin after a break of 3 years. I am certain, with 30 years’ experience hosting this national project, JCI KL Mandarin will be able to host a grand and memorable award ceremony. I look forward to working closely with the organising team.

After years of being a JCI member and National Officer, it is my wish to see greater diversity of nominees and honorees in the 2017 JCI TOYM, so I urge all of you to encourage your outstanding friends, colleagues or other outstanding young Malaysians that you know to participate in this prestigious award.

Good luck and see you on stage!

Message From TOYM Organizing Chairperson

Ernest Tan
Organizing Chairperson, TOYM 2017

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI Malaysia) for giving an opportunity to Junior Chamber International Kuala Lumpur Mandarin (JCIKLM) to be the organizer for JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards.

This journey start from the day when JCI Malaysia put the trust on us and endorsed JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin to be TOYM 2017 hosting chapter. In this short period of time, we had gone through a lot of experience and also learned a lot of skills, this includes how to chair a meeting, raise funds for activities, public relation with media, marketing etc. I can assure that JCI & TOYM definitely is a best platform for all young Malaysian to join actively and to develop their strength and talent.

Futhermore, I am extremely grateful to all the sponsors, advertisers, media partners, past presidents, advisors, ambassadors, JCI senators, National Board of Directors, and all members and friends who strongly support us and giving us valuable support and advises to make this event progress smoothly. Especially thanks to my dedicated committees who willing to spend most of their time to complete their task on time.

Finally, I sincerely call for your supports to continue participate in JCI movement and together we serve the community.

Message From The Chapter President

Dato’ Wyn See
Chapter President, JCI Kuala Lumpur Mandarin

Early of year 2017,TOYM team’s unity and cooperation, put efforts to dedicate. As president of JCI KUALA LUMPUR MANDARIN feel pleased and proud of you all. I believe in coming days, under the leadership of Organising Chairman Ernest Tan will continue to have good news coming to all.

Cheer for 2017 TOYM team and All The Best in coming days!

Message From TOYM Publisher & Internet Marketing Chairperson

Lum Chee Hong (Jeff)
Publishing & Internet Marketing Chairperson, TOYM 2017

Dear Readers,

After a break of 3 years, once again JCI KL Mandarin is the chapter that hosts JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) Award this year. This is my first time to get involved in TOYM and I knew that with the leadership of Ernest Tan (Organizing Chairman), TOYM will definitely be one of the great event in 2017 as massive and determined actions will be taken.