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Mr. Chan Kee Siak

Business, Economic and or Entrepreneur Accomplishment

Mr. Chan Kee Siak is the Founder, Executive Director and Group CEO of renowned web hosting and solutions company Exabytes Capital Group Sdn Bhd, a company which has won many glittering awards in the market such as Star Business Awards, Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards, SME 100 Award, Golden Bull Award, Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific and many more.

Just a small town boy from a hawker family, Mr. Chan had always had an entrepreneurial frame of mind from as early as the tender age of 19. While his peers were having fun Chan was already busy establishing his own business in the technology industry, while trying to keep up with his studies.

Mr. Chan started in 2000, and found Exabytes Network in 2001. Next, Mr. Chan led Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd to become the biggest web hosting provider in 2005. As of 2015, Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd serves over 75,000 clients with over 100,000 websites, and more than 1 million email accounts worldwide from 121 countries.

His secret of success is to go all out to achieve your target, and persevere until you achieve it.

His message is “Be passionate enough to want it happen, and be bold enough to make it happen, and be diligent enough to ensure it happens”.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wong Hin Yong

Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wong Hin Yong is currently a Professor in Engineering and Dean of Faculty of Engineering of the Multimedia University.

His research is in the areas of Photonic Integrated Circuit technology, and many more related fields.

He helped build the first private university in the country, and helped Malaysia to be admitted into the Washington accord(WA). Prof Wong is also a recipient of “Young Malaysia Engineer Award 2011” amongst many others prestigious recognitions.

His success secrets are have faith in God, work hard, persevere and great determination, and touch the lives of others with your noble work.

His message is “Dare to dream big, be passionate work hard and work hard. Never ask for rewards and recognitions, they will come by naturally as the world will notice it

Mr. Albert Fong Kong Yip

Cultural Achievement

Mr. Albert Fong Kong Yip is driven by interest and a passion for lion dance. He started learning the skills of the traditional southern Chinese lion dance at age 13. He is currently a professional Instructor and a Choreographer for Chinese Southern Lion Dance, Chinese Northern Lion Dance, Dragon Dance and 24 Festive Drums.

He is also current holds high posts and is a chief instructor in many cultural associations, and was a judge for many top competitions and was the organizer of a myriad of competitions.

Under his leadership, Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance won the Southern Lion Dance World Championship 6 times & the National Championship 15 times.

His secret to success is perseverance & believing in what he does.

His message is “When there is a dream, there is always a hope. Don’t give up your dreams,. Do what you love to do. You will succeed!!

Mr. Brian Yim Hon Choong

Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights

Mr. Brian Yim Hon Choong is a music producer, songwriter and recording artiste. Mr. Yim’s composition has won him awards from the national as well as international music arena. Mr. Yim serves as an educator, a motivation speaker, a philanthropist, and ambassadors to a number of charitable organizations. He also received a national award from the Malaysia Book of Records for his musical achievement in 2012.

His secrets to success is love what you are doing and do what you love.

His message is “I thank God for giving me the gift of music so that I can use it to serve the community especially among underprivileged children and children with learning disabilities and austism. I hope to be the children's voice and advocate and speak for their human rights. Serving the autistic children can be very stressful. It requires specialized skills, tactfulness, enormous amount of patience and love. I hope to inspire other young men and women in the country to give their talents and time to help the less fortunate segment of our community.

Dr. Chang Chui Fun

Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Service

Dr. Chang Chui Fun was wheelchair bound ever since she was a toddler due to complicated viral infection. Her parents tried to find a cure for her but all their efforts were in vain. Despite her under-privileged self, she never gave up hope on life but became even more determined to succeed. She set her ambition to become a doctor to help the needy.

Currently she works in a voluntary body known as Hospice Malaysia, and her role as a liaison with government based hospitals requires her to receive terminal cancer patients and to continue providing medical attention, counseling and comfort.

Her success secrets are be positive, be strong and never give up on hope.

Her message is “Do not give up on life because it is not as perfect as we intended it to be, but instead try to discover the beauty on the other side, then your life shall be meaningful”.

Associate Prof. Dr. Lim Lee Wei

Scientific and/or Technological Development

Associate Prof. Dr. Lim Lee Wei is currently an Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Sunway University and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology, the University of Hong Kong.

His research focuses on the basic and translational neuroscience using the existing neuromodulatory treatment of deep brain stimulation.

Amongst his many achievements, he won about 20 fellowships, awards, and honors including the Dutch Education Learning at Top-level Award, International Brain Research Organization Fellowships, and Lee Kuan Yew Research Fellowship, etc.

His recipe for success is the combination of hard working, dedication, passion and good social skills.

His message is “No matter you fail or success in life, most importantly, you must never give up and you should continue to work hard in order to achieve your goal. Failure is the discovery of methods that did not work!

Mr. Cheng Zhee Long

Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment

Mr. Cheng Zhee Long was born with cerebral palsy. Despite his physical disability and short life expectancy, he never gave up instead was always a fighter in life who has achieved much more than the average person.

Amongst his achievements were a public motivational speaker sharing the same stage with Wilson Lin in China, he also won the “Best Inspirational Award in Malaysian Motivational Talk Competition”, “Top 10 Malaysian Motivational Speaker”, Cheng Zhee Long also broke many world marathon records such as Asian’s Cerebral Palsy Marathon runner record in the Adidas Sundown Marathon by completing 53km, 2012 Johnson Soochow International Ultra-Marathon Race in Taiwan and became the first cerebral palsy runner in the world to have completed 24-hour race with 75.329KM, accomplished self-challenge target of 6000KM practice run mileage between August 2009 to Dec 2010, and many more.

His secret to success is never to let anything weigh you down, instead use your burden as the fuel to propel you higher.

His message to the audience is “never let an excuse to pull you back, but always find a reason to strive for success. When you fail, try again and again, until you finally be who you have always wanted to be”.

Associate Prof. Dr. Lee Yeong Yeh

Medical Innovation

Associate Prof. Dr. Lee Yeong Yeh is a physician with a Masters degree and is a consultant in internal medicine with further specialization in gastroenterology.

He has made huge sacrifices and overcame many challenges to become a skilled physician and yet he dedicated a large part of his career serving poor people in kelantan which socioeconomic isolation taken a toll on their health.

Dr Lee is now a lecturer in a local university that he learned his trade, with the hope of passing down his skills and knowledge to future generations.

His character, professionalism and skills are highly regarded and he was awarded fellowship from respectable medical colleges including the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, the American College of Physicians and the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.

His research is on the development of new medical devices allowing better understanding of a disease and its diagnosis, on Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer.

His secret to success is work hard, have passion, willing to make sacrifices, willing to listen with an open heart, and not to forget your roots.

His message is a quote taken from Winston Churchill “It takes lots of courage to stand forward and speak up but it also takes courage to sit down and listen”.

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